AGGRESSION- The first step to destruction: Do you have these traits in your handwriting?

Aggression is the first step on the slippery slope to selfishness and Chaos.

~Anne Campbell

As rightly said, Aggression moves only in one direction i.e it leads to even more aggression.

Aggression, in psychology, is often characterized as a behavior of strong self-assertion with hostile or harmful tones. Aggression can be a situation-specific i.e sometimes it is out of fear or confusion, but when extended to becoming aggressive very frequently, it can be destructive to your own life as well as to the others around you. Extreme forms of aggression involve Domestic violence.

Studies have been conducted to discover the extent of domestic violence in our country and the reports have revealed that 6 out of 10 men in India have acted violently against their wives or partners at some point in time. Also, a study conducted by the UN revealed that about 52% of the women surveyed have been victims of verbal assault. The extremes of physical violence include being kicked, beaten, slapped, choked, and burned.

There is also a preference for sons found in men who have discriminatory views about gender and are more inclined to physically abusing their partner. As an Indian citizen, it is disheartening to hear that men of my country do not respect women. People with violent tendencies are aggressive and have a high temperament. By identifying two keystrokes in the handwriting analysis, the writer’s traits of being aggressive and having a temper can be discovered which can act as a warning sign for people to avoid them.

Aggression in handwriting is shown by swift and hard-right upstroke specifically found in the letters “y and g” that replaces their lower loop. As shown in the sample below, if this stroke frequently occurs in a person’s handwriting, then it’s a clear red flag.

Similarly, the trait of temper can be discovered in a person’s handwriting by noticing the flying t-bars on the right side of the stem.

These traits should occur very frequently in the handwriting sample, only then can one conclude that these writers can lose control over their emotions very quickly and show aggression. If occurring two or three times, then it's normal.

If you find someone around you with these two strokes in their handwriting, try avoiding them and remain a bit careful.

Disclaimer: Do not conclude a person's personality just by looking only at one trait because their could be other combinations that could exist. Always consult an expert Graphologist for the in-depth analysis.

If you find these traits in your handwriting, contact us for knowing what can be done to change them or book a session.


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