ARE YOU A SHOPAHOLIC???- Your handwriting can reveal that too!!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

“I think I’ll have to control my spending now”, said Kyra.

“I don’t understand where my entire salary goes?’

“Seems like I have been spending unnecessarily since months”

“GODD!! I feel like destroying all my credit cards and running away…”

“How will I even pay all these never-ending bills?”

These are snippets of some conversations that happen when a gang of girls is heard to be talking, going out shopping again.

And clearly, what can be concluded from their conversation is that their expenses do not stop even after writhing in financial difficulty. So, clearly a Shopaholic.

So, let’s analyze something about the handwriting of these shopaholics!!!

Probably, it could either help you in knowing whether you spend recklessly or of those around you.

Some people find themselves in debt after spending a lot on clothes, jewelry, perfumes, etc.

But how to trace that in someone's handwriting whether they are impulsive and spend recklessly in day-to-day activities.

Let’s do that:

It's easy, all you have to do is to look at three important things when somebody is writing on a plain sheet.

A person with an irregular left margin is a little undisciplined.

When combined with the right slant, they show impulsivity.

And finally, if they have lower zones too emphasized or in simple words long lower zones, then that clearly shows their reckless and impulsive behavior in buying materialistic things, doing a lot of shopping, and also gathering lots of accessories and gadgets.

So next time you see a person with this combination of formations in their handwriting, be very sure that they are Shopaholics.

Not just that, having such an attitude or personality of buying things impulsively and recklessly can be disastrous for you because it might land you up in debts.

Therefore, it's important to bring about certain changes in your handwriting through Grapho-therapy.

If you find these traits in your handwriting, contact us for knowing what can be done to change them or book a session.

DISCLAIMER: One element in your handwriting can give an idea about a particular trait but its important to look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at a conclusion.


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