CHILD'S PERSONALITY: Improvement through Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-therapy

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Parents send their child to school with the hope that their child gets the best of education and develops the best personality and improves their skills.

But do you remember how your writing looked like when you started writing for the first time?

Same class, Same teacher, but how unique your handwriting used to look….Totally different from the rest of the class.

And as you grew over the years, your handwriting became your uniqueness.

But have you ever thought, what lies behind this uniqueness of your handwriting?

The answer is your whole personality.

Yes, you read that right! Your handwriting has the power to reveal your entire personality.

And today, when the concept of individual differences has begun to be acknowledged, we have started understanding that each child has his uniqueness.

Here is how handwriting analysis can help you as a parent or a teacher and help in improving your child’s personality.

1) Understanding a child’s natural traits:

By analyzing the handwriting of a child, you can discover their innate traits and skills which further can help you understand your child better and also help you in improving their weaknesses through Grapho-therapy.

2) Identifying a child’s personality traits

Each person has a unique personality and that is reflected in all facets of life. And that is why, as a teacher/parent, it becomes important for you to know what kind of personality your child has. This helps in better dealing with them and providing them with the right environment to nurture. For example: a child who has an introvert personality has to be dealt with differently as compared to a child who is an extrovert.

3) Career Guidance:

And the discovery of personality doesn’t end here, it further helps the child in choosing the best career option that suits their personality so that their chances of success in life increases.

4) Appreciating the ugly handwriting:

No handwriting is good or bad which we as laymen fail to acknowledge because we want our child to write most beautifully. However, what we fail to understand is that a child with unruly or ugly handwriting can be the most creative and innovative. Graphology helps you discover those hidden qualities and helps you appreciate your child’s uniqueness.

5) Identifying the problems of a child:

Many times, a child fails to express the problems clearly to their parents/teachers. These problems could range from some stress, anxiety, lack of confidence to being depressed and bullied in school.

But nothing remains hidden to a trained eye.

If a teacher knows whether a child is very sensitive or the other who is dominant, through handwriting analysis of the child, it can help them to deal with them more effectively.

Also, a child who might be stressed or feeling depressed or might even have suicidal thoughts, these traits can be deciphered through their handwriting analysis and if known at the right time, can help a child improve a lot.

And this is where handwriting analysis comes to be an important aspect when we talk about the holistic development of the child in school.

DISCLAIMER: One element in your handwriting can give an idea about a particular trait but its important to look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at a conclusion.

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