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GRAPHOLOGY: A blend of Science & Art

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

We were never able to write the letters perfectly, no matter how hard our teachers taught us to.

Not only this, even though we all were taught to write in the same manner, our handwriting never looked the same. And that was the reason probably why our teachers could easily differentiate our notebook from our friends because our handwriting differed.

And that is the uniqueness of handwriting because just like fingerprints, no two individual’s handwriting matches.

And as we grew up, our handwriting became as unique as our personality.


The simple reason is that the formations we make while writing reflect our subconscious and that is why it is called “Brain writing”.

Graphology works on the principle that the handwriting of every individual has a structure of its own and this is solely due to the uniqueness of the writer's personality.

And this uniqueness helps the graphologists to discover the personality of an individual and apply that knowledge to diverse areas of life.

And thus, Graphology gives a realistic view of problems that a person confronts and also suggests certain changes to deal with those problems effectively.

Graphology works as an amalgamation of science and art. Science as it studies the measurement of slants, angles, and strokes and Art because it studies the context in which the handwriting has been done including spacing, movement, and form.

And not just the handwriting, Graphologists study a wide range of other aspects that reveal a person’s personality. This includes the signature, doodles, paintings, etc.

The diverse areas where it can be applied, clearly defines the purpose of why getting a personality profiling done with handwriting analysis is important.

DISCLAIMER: One element in your handwriting can give an idea about a particular trait but its important to look at the entire handwriting sample before arriving at a conclusion.

Contact us for discovering your personality through Graphology.


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